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Meet the Principal

Principal Jenifer Evans


I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts and History with a concentration in Education. While teaching, I completed my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership through Indiana University. After 14 years in the classroom, I made the jump to administration.  I have served as a principal since 2013.

Becoming a principal allowed me to impact students and teachers on a larger scale. I loved being a teacher. I believe it is the most rewarding and valuable profession. As a principal, I have the opportunity to support teachers, the professional that I love, and still work with students. It is a win-win for me.

Being a Bloomingdale Chief is special. We have a small school where everyone knows each other. This allows us to build a true school family. The loyalty and dedication of our families and our staff is remarkable.

My goal for Bloomingdale is that every child excels. Of course, we want all students to be engaged learners, but we also want all students to be regulated, kind children. Our goal is to create a safe place that fosters both academic excellence and integrity.

When I was placed at Bloomingdale, my family was so excited. My mother grew up a few blocks away from Bloomingdale Elementary on Franklin Ave. My mother, my aunts and my uncles attended Bloomingdale. They loved this school. It is an honor to work in a place that made such a positive impact on my family.

When my grandmother passed away, I was tasked with sorting through her pictures and letters. I have pictures of Bloomingdale Elementary when it was on a dirt road! That is how long my family has lived in this area and attended Bloomingdale. I am thrilled to be part of that legacy. Go Chiefs!